Aromabotanical | Blue Apatite Crystal

Creativity | Learning 

A blend of English freesia, Japanese honeysuckle and plum. 

Blue Apatite will stimulate the intellect, open the mind and help inner clarity.


Three options to choose from

-Potpourri | Aromabotanical's potpourri set can be used by pouring over a few drops of fragrant oil to your preferred fragrance level and refresh as often as desired. Glass Bowl, Crystals and 50ml Fragrant Oil | Free from animal testing.

-Candle | Infused with essential oils blended in Australia. Hand poured from natural sustainable botanical wax. 340g candle | Free from animal testing.

- Diffuser | Infused with essential oils blended in Australia. Our diffusers contain a botanically derived carrier free from alcohol and petrochemicals.  200ml diffuser | Free from animal testing.