Body Scrub | Thirsty

Body scrubs by Thirsty. Made in Australia.


  • Fancy AFBright floral tones, sweet caramelised coconut with clarifying Australian sea salt.
  • Go To SleepSoothe yourself into the evening, relax and unwind. Cardamon and Lavender with undertones of caramelised brown sugar and coconut.
  • You're A Snack | This luscious body scrub will get your glow happening so you feel just like the snack you are. Nourishing coconut and caramel with sweet rich syrupy notes. 
  • Feelin' Peachy | This combo of sweet, fresh, juicy peach and roasty toasty caramelized sugar will leave you smelling good enough to eat.
  • Queen Bee | Sweet honey, rich elevated notes of beeswax with a backdrop of savoury coconut and dark sugar.
  • So Fresh | Exfoliate and luxuriate in this sumptuous combination of roasted cacao husks and natural peppermint oil. You’ll be sparkling clean with a delicious glow.